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I’m at the Leeds Roller Dolls derby game this Saturday 26th of July! I’m just sorting my stock, many of these flash have only ever been available online. Come get some cool stuff for your walls and see some kick-ass derby!

My stock is very limited, if you’re at the game and want to reserve something or want to order online send me a message. All flash prints will be £10 (£15 in a frame). Postcards will be £1 each, greeting cards £2. I’m also bringing some original doodles for £10-£20.



"1880’s Austrian women’s fencing team poses in the fencing style of sword and dagger."

From the website of Christopher L. Oberg:

"In the early 1900’s Fencing was chosen as an olympic sport featuring the three weapons we know today. Historical fencing styles featuring back sword, rapier and dagger ect. are no longer fashionable when compared to the modern olympic fencing games of foil, epee and saber.


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