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So I’m doing a giveaway because I promised to do one, and because we’re not doing so great at the moment so I want to promote my mums business. Everything in the giveaway is available from Be Enchanted. 

Included in the giveaway: 
1 x 100g berry crush natural vegetable oil soap
1 x dyed blue agate slice 
2 x small votive candles, Starry Night and Lilac 
1 x feng shui dragon 
1 x Scentiments 16ml vanilla fragrance oil
1 x 40 musk incense sticks with incense holder 
1 x natural chunky piece of rose quartz 
1 x natural chunky clear quartz 
1 x amythest tiger tooth necklace 
3 x polished stones; lapis lazuli, garnet and fluorite

-you must be following
-likes and reblogs both count
-no more than 5 reblogs a day 
-no giveaway blogs, I’ll be checking
-giveaway will be drawn on my birthday, November 9th using a random number generator or when the post has a good amount of notes

I will message the winner when the giveaway is over, if they do not respond within 3 days a new winner will be chosen. Once the winner has received their gifts, they need to send me a photo so I can post it and show my followers. I WILL ONLY SHIP TO AUSTRALIA, SORRY IT COSTS TOO MUCH OTHERWISE

Anyone who would like to order anything from Be Enchanted, contact the website and tell them you heard about it from Alyssa on Tumblr and with your order, I will pick out something decent to give you for free as a thankyou! Or you can message me and suggest an item from the website and I will see what I can do!

Even if you’re not in it for the giveaway feel free to reblog anyway. So many things have gone wrong lately with our house and our business and we’re really struggling at the moment. I need to get Be Enchanted out there as much as I can!


DIY Cheap and Easy Crystal Ball Halloween Decor Tutorial from Flamingo Toes here. Clever tutorial using Christmas balls and inkjet transparency film/paper. I use transparency a lot in my artwork because you can layer it in collages (non affiliate Amazon link for the film here). Cheap Thrills Tip: print out a black and white portrait on transparency film and back it with neon or white cardstock for instant art.

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